Lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from athletes!

Posted on June 28, 2016

Being an entrepreneur has a myriad of challenges similar to being a professional athlete. There are several business principles that are mirrored in athletics. In both scenarios resilience, perseverance and tough decisions must be made. Here are a few lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from athletes.

Follow your passion

The most obvious thing about athletes is their passion that they exhibit. In any particular sport, the most passionate athletes are the ones who always stand out. You can only be effective in doing something if you are very passionate in whatever you want to do and the same case applies to entrepreneurship.

Set goals that are clearly defined

Athletes always have defined goals, they are always trying to improve in their sport and they always want to conquer the challenges that arise along their way. They are always aware of the importance of being winners. In entrepreneurship, it’s important to communicate to every employee your goals. Your team must view the business from your same perspective for you to succeed in wherever you are undertaking.

Do not focus on failure

The path to becoming a professional athlete isn’t always smooth.  They will most likely experience failures and shortcomings along the way.  Even the best athletes struggle. You can never conquer all your challenges. It’s always important to be aware that setbacks only strengthen to eventually become a conqueror; you may not win all games.  In entrepreneurship, there are ideas that may fail to materialize but it’s vital not to allow losses to define you. Anytime you fall, get up, dust yourself off and try one more time. Let your mistakes be lessons so that you can improve in future.

Remain focused in terms of performance

It’s vital to take note that results are not the only indicators of performance. It’s always tempting to narrow on results without focusing on improving on performance.  In business it’s vital to refine internal strategies that will yield the desired results.

Know when to make tough decisions

It’s worth noting that in business just like in athletics, there are moments that you will be required to make critical decisions. You must avoid the temptation of glossing over issues or sweeping things under the rug. It’s vital to make tough calls when called upon.

Learn how to handle pressure

In business just like in athletics, it’s quite difficult to compete if you cannot handle pressure as well as competition. It is your focus that will keep you from succumbing to pressure. You must hold on to your goals and you mustn’t lose sight of them. This will go a long way in saving you from unneeded pressures as well as distraction from the crowds.

Survey the playing field

It’s very critical to do a survey about the playing field from time to time. It’s important to know what you are up against so you are prepared to react positively.  In business, you must know all your competitors. You must be aware of their strong points and their weaknesses. You need to be five steps ahead of your competitors. You have to know the potential obstacles that you are likely to face in future and how to tackle them. Knowing your next step assists you in staying ahead of the game. It’s a defining trademark to all great athletes and entrepreneurs.