8 Actions You Can Take Right Now to Reduce Stress

Stress can make it feel like the world’s ending. Whatever problem brings it on is only made worse as we obsess and spiral into greater and greater anxiety. And sometimes it comes on out of nowhere, with nothing to attribute it to. In either situation, stress can seem insurmountable and inescapable. But the truth is that you can greatly reduce its effects, in a matter of minutes, by taking certain steps. Here are 12 actions you can do, right ...

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4 Ways Stress Can Severely Affect Your Mental Well-Being

Posted on September 30, 2019

One of the largest threats to an entrepreneur or business leader is chronic stress.  It is when one experiences stress continuously over long periods of time, while acute stress happens quickly.  Both can have negative lasting effects on the mind. Here are just a few ways stress can affect your mental state. 1. Stress Can Alter Your Brain Connectivity: Scientists operating on adult rats found that the neural stem cells of the ...

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Being a Visionary and Why Necessity Is NOT the Mother of Invention

Originally posted on www.jennymunford.org Are you a visionary? The definition of a visionary is someone who plans and strategizes with innovation, imagination and wisdom. But let’s add another word to that definition: Creativity. Without creativity, there is no innovation or imagination. Without creativity, there is no wisdom either. The creative entrepreneur and executive is one who is impressively inventive. You might surprised to ...

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Jenny Munford on Why Passion Is Important In Business

Posted on October 7, 2016

Photo credits to Roman Kraft at www.unsplash.com/@romankraft When running a business, it’s important to ensure that the passion you had when starting the business doesn’t fade out and die. The characteristics that many people consider when evaluating the success of an enterprise are normally discipline, persistence, finance, ambition and talent. Often, passion isn’t included in the recipe for success. Perhaps this partly explains why ...

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Jenny Munford on the Anatomy Happiness

Posted on September 7, 2016

Originally posted on JennyMunford.co What does happiness look like? What does it act like, smell like, sound like, and feel like? I’ve said before that “happiness is not something that can be found by seeking it.” While experts try to pinpoint what makes us happy and why some folks are happier than others, many people are still left flailing in uncertainty about how to actually get the happiness they desire. Think of finding ...

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Lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from athletes!

Being an entrepreneur has a myriad of challenges similar to being a professional athlete. There are several business principles that are mirrored in athletics. In both scenarios resilience, perseverance and tough decisions must be made. Here are a few lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from athletes. Follow your passion The most obvious thing about athletes is their passion that they exhibit. In any particular sport, the most passionate ...

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Jenny Munford Lessons from Athletes

3 Reasons Starting a Business Is Easier Than You Think

Posted on June 28, 2016

1. You can start just by talking to people you know (or people you want to know)

You know people. The people you know know people (and they, too, know people who know people). Your network is bigger than you think and it’s the best place to begin by setting up informational interviews ...

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Jenny Munford Starting a Business

It All Begins With An Idea…

Posted on June 28, 2016

Want to know my superpower?

I can develop any business idea.

I will take a business idea and spin it 10 different ways and create 10 different niches for the same Idea. Then, I can redevelop those 10 ideas and put a different spin on each one of those, too. I do this for myself and I do this for clients in seminars and training sessions ...

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Jenny Munford It all begins with an idea!

Putting Myself Before My Business

Posted on June 28, 2016

Entrepreneurship isn’t just about business. There’s a human aspect of being an entrepreneur, too. It’s important that we don’t sacrifice our humanity for the sake of our bottom lines..

When we hear the word “humanity,” we probably think of philosophical ideas about the nature of humankind or our commitment ...

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Jenny Munford putting yourself first

2 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Tap In—and Tune In—Without Plugging In

Posted on June 28, 2016

While the stereotype of the busy entrepreneur is someone who is tethered to her cellphone and laptop and wearable technology, I strive to be everything but that person.

The entrepreneurial evangelism that I preach instead: Get tethered to your intuition, imagination and creativity.

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Jenny Munford Holistic Business Coach