About Me

Jenny Munford

I’m Jenny Munford.

Welcome!  I’m so happy you’re here.  I’d like to share a bit about my personal story that prompted me on mission to heal the business world.
I’ve been an entrepreneur myself for as long as I can remember building companies, creating hundreds of jobs and going where there’s no beaten path. In late 2015, I crashed and burned with severe injuries to my self-esteem. I had lost the business that I had spent 10 years building. Instead of grossing millions in sales, I now owed millions. Closing my business was an extremely hard decision but it saved my life because I seemed to be shortlisted for a heart attack, stroke or a mental institution. Shortly after I had closed the doors, I was diagnosed with severe burnout syndrome, adrenal fatigue and borderline diabetes.
It has taken me over five years to restore my physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  Now, I train business leaders and their teams worldwide on how to reduce stress, anxiety and stop burn out before it stops them.
Taking care of yourself as a leader is the most important part of taking care of business!  If you’d like to learn how to reduce stress, anxiety and stop burn, please contact me and let’s get started!