“An entrepreneur is an innovator, a job creator, a game-changer, a business leader, a disruptor, an adventurer.”
-Richard Branson

Now, to be an entrepreneur you have to be a little crazy! Well, okay, A LOT crazy, because – according to Bloomberg – out of 100 entrepreneurs, a whopping 80% crash and burn within 18 months of initiating business every year. A Formula One race car driver has only a 20% chance of crashing and burning!
So, what kind of person does this type of job need? Well, not a normal person for sure… rebels, lunatics, dreamers, people who are prepared to lose everything while trying to turn their business vision into their desired results.

That’s where I step in… Providing those rebels, lunatics, dreamers, and people who are prepared to lose everything with the tools, resources and mindset shifts they need for this tough job. From marketing, management and money to mind, body and spirit, you’ll work with an entrepreneur who is all too familiar with the road less travelled.

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I’m Jenny Munford, and I’m so happy you’re here. I’d like to share a bit about my personal story that prompted me to serve entrepreneurs. For over 30 years, I have been a visionary entrepreneur and business strategist building companies, creating hundreds of jobs and going where there is no beaten path. Over the years, I’ve received dozens of international awards for business, marketing and advertising. In 2000, I was awarded Frankfurt’s Business Women of the Year, and in 2011, I was awarded Canada’s Women Entrepreneur of the Year – very prestigious awards of which I am quite proud. I tell you this to let you know I’ve been around the block a few times!

My greatest strength has always been the ability to turn my business vision into my desired results. However, on my last entrepreneurial adventure, I didn’t arrive there at all – I headed in the wrong direction and closed the business that I had spent 10 years building. Instead of grossing millions, I owed millions. Fear of missing something, I got stuck in today’s 24/7 urgency-addicted business world. Never a break, I completely lost sight of my vision, drifted away from my core competencies and wound up in trouble. Having climbed the mountaintop of success, yet also knowing what it’s like to fall down into the darkest sinkhole, I have combined those seemingly disparate experiences and now have made it my job to be the entrepreneur behind the entrepreneur – teaching you both business and personal growth strategies on how to turn your business vision into your desired results. I encourage you to take a look around this site, or get in touch for a “get to know you” conversation.

To your vision,

Jenny Munford
The Entrepreneur behind the Entrepreneur


This blog is dedicated to my fellow entrepreneurs who take risks,
live their passion and see what is invisible to others.

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